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My current teaching assignment, with syllabi, and some thoughts on admissions and advising, mostly to current and prospective students.

EDPS 845: Computer-Assisted Research Data Analysis Using R

This course provides an overview of R, including its applications in simulating, manipulating, analyzing, modeling, and graphing data. Functional programming and R package development are also addressed. See the github repository for more information: https://github.com/talbano/edps-845.

EDPS 859: Statistical Methods Syllabus

This is a graduate-level introductory course in descriptive and inferential statistics, covering topics such as central tendency, variability, correlation, regression, sampling, probability, and hypothesis testing. I usually teach the course once or twice per year, and it is offered spring and fall. There is also an online offering.

EDPS 870: Intro to Educational and Psychological Measurement Syllabus Text

This is a course in the theory and applications of educational and psychological measurement. I typically teach it in the spring and summer. Topics include measurement applications in research and practice, reliability and validity, item writing and test design, and statistical analysis of test data.

This course assumes that students have taken or are concurrently enrolled in a course in introductory statistics.

EDPS 892: Introduction to Educational Assessment

This is a course in the theory and application of educational assessment. Main topics include test design, item writing, reliability, validity, and statistical analysis of test data, with an emphasis on practical applications of assessment in the classroom.

EDPS 991: Equating Syllabus

This is an advanced graduate-level course offered every other year. The course provides an overview of statistical equating, scaling, and linking, with a focus on applications and recent research. Topics include test development and equating design, traditional equating methods, IRT methods, smoothing, scaling, and linking. There are 29 class meetings consisting of lecture, class discussion, and student presentations.

Students are required to have taken intermediate statistics and measurement courses (EDPS 941, 942, 970, or equivalents). EPDS 980 (IRT) and 972 (Multivariate) or equivalents are recommended but not required.


We admit students to the QQPM MA and PhD programs on a yearly basis, with applications due in January for the following fall. See here for more information. Advisors are assigned at admission, usually in the offer letter.

I typically accept at least one new student each year, but you are welcome to check with me first. Please look through my research interests to see if there's a good fit. Feel free to contact me with questions.